Bring hope to Nepal, please support!

There was a 7.8- magnitude earthquake in Nepal, a big disaster. There are so many millions of people who need help. They are living a place without many basic daily items like enough clean food and water. Many people are now living in tents. How can we even begin to imagine how that must feel. People from Nepal just can not recover this by themselves. They need help.

I have been in Nepal twice, the first time I went there I went alone, that was 12 years ago. It also was my first trip traveling by myself. I was not alone though, because I hired a travel guide over the Internet. While I was there, he guided me from mountain to mountain. It was also this time of the year, May, my birthday. I remember that I asked my guide if we should have dinner together, and he said no thank you. He didn't know it was my birthday.

On that trip I saw beautiful landscapes and I met wonderful and very helpful people. I remember that I stayed at one family's home in the mountains, and I helped cooking. The mother said to me I could stay there and be her daughter. I have never thought about, that someone would like me so much, that she even want I become her family member. At that time I experienced that there are people who are very pure living on the other side of the planet.

The second time I went to Nepal was 8 years ago with my love, so not alone anymore. We stayed there for 2-3 months. We experienced the first "free" election in Nepal, we went to many places, we tried many different kinds of food and we met many people. We even went to a local wedding by chance, because we walked by and the people invite us to join them. They were laughing, dancing and eating. Even they clearly did not have that much for them self's, they offered us to eat from their wedding buffet. You may think they did this, because they wanted to see foreigners at their wedding, but I can tell you that the couple was to busy to even noticed that we were there, and they never asked for anything in return at all. They are just so giving, even they don't have much.
We had to end our travels in Nepal because I got very sick from food poisoning. My love carried me to many hospitals in Nepal, but conditions of an average hospital was very basic and not very clean. Furthermore the system is totally different from what we were used to. But despite that there are always great people who would help out. They showed us where to pay, they waited for the medicine handout with us, they asked the doctor to look at me in their language, they even waited for me to feel better to take me back to guesthouse.

I know everywhere has good and bad people and Nepal is no exception, but most people I have met in Nepal are just so generous. I remember that someone told to me; it is always the people who make a country beautiful.

Please help Nepal in anyway you can.

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