Papier-mâché bird

2016 was a year living in Thailand and sometimes traveling around other countries in Asia. We went to Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and sometimes visited my home Hong Kong :)

I was not able to find a ceramic workshop nearby where we live, so I didn't do ceramic last year. It is difficult to find the right kind of information when I only speak a little Thai and read none. 
But I am not a girl who will just sit around doing nothing. I have so many things I want to do and learn, but also I been occupied adopting the way to live in this new country and dealing with the stress of the problems living here. ( it is a long story so I will skip it, so not to bore you)
With so many things to deal with, I picked up a simple material --- paper --- to work with. And I love it.
I like papier-mâché, it is very flexible, you can shape in many different ways. I love to play with the colours after the papier-mâché has dried and I love to combine colours that bring me different moods. Also it is easier than glazing ceramics :)

2017, we are going to move again! I know, it is crazy. But I don't mind moving, if it brings us a happier life. I think I am an adventurous person. 
I am planning to have my own workshop in our new place, so I can do ceramics any time I want. I look very much forward to that.

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